Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Our Beautiful World " GIFT"

Hello all, hope your are doing well!
Kirsty has a great word for us at "Our Beautiful World"
It's nice to give them away and also nice to get them ;-))
 I found this birthday gift of money in my folder, I made it for a friend some years ago (for the next vacation). Therefor I folded some banknote for the parasol, crabs, boats and deck-chairs, stupidly I forgot to make a photo before I wrapped it in the foil! :-/
The water was paint with acrylic on a wooden board and I filled up with sand at one side and put some decoration on it.

...little farewell gifts for some kids who changed the school...

...and this, a little gift for my nephew.

That's for today! I wish you a great Sunday and a good week.


4 Kommentare:

  1. What wonderful gifts ... you are so clever!

  2. Sure is nice to give and to received those wonderful gifts, thanks for sharing yours!

  3. So viele kreative Geschenke, vor allem bei dem Strand ist mir die Kinnlade heruntergeklappt! Einfach toll!

  4. Hi Manuela, oooh wow have to agree with Ros you are so clever...the beach scene disguising the bank notes is a fabulous idea and a real treat for the receiver. Cute gift bags too and a colourfully wrapped gift for your nephew. Cheers Robyn


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