Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Our Beautiful World "Vegetables"

Hello together...

...and welcome to a new week with a fresh promt word at "Our Beautiful World", this week it was my turn to chose a word and I decide to take to word  "vegetables"!
It's summer and we spend  a lot of time outside. In our garden we have a few vegetables plants, it's fun to see them grow and eat them fresh from the garden!
Unfortunately, we have a lot of nudibranch (slugs) :-( , so we have to protect the plants until the are big enough!

some kohlrabi and carrots

cherry tomatos

some pumkins for halloween :-)) and Red kuri squash?! I don't now the name, in german it's a hokkaido

sunburst zucchini

different kinds of cucumbers

a few potatoes

and some mini bell pepper in red and orange

 the bell paprika is my favorite they taste sooo good :-)

What kind of vegetable is your favorite??

Come and join us and see more here...

Wish you a sunny summer's day....

6 Kommentare:

  1. Oh your vegetables are fabulous!! How wonderful to grow your own ... nothing tastes better!

  2. Your vegetable garden looks great, I love those tomatoes, lovely shots!!!!

  3. Oh lucky you to grow your own vegetables, Manuela, great pics of your garden. Hugs Robyn

  4. Wow, so ein schöner Gemüsegarten. Unserer sieht sehr mager aus (zu viel Schatten). Vielleicht schaffe ich es ja, mal wieder bei OBW mitzumachen...

  5. Ganz tolle Fotos, und dein Gemuesegarten ist einfach fantastisch. Kohlrabi, soooo lecker mit ner weissen Sauce, hab ich schon seit Jahrzehnten nicht mehr gegessen. Ist in England nicht sehr populaer.

  6. Your vegie garden looks so lovely Manuela. It looks very healthy and your last photo made me smile! Thanks for the word prompt! :)


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