Sonntag, 10. August 2014

"Our Beautiful World "Aromatic"

OMG it's Sunday again!
This week Ros has chosen the word for us at "Our Beautiful World" it's "Aromatic". My first idea was a model of aromatic rings followed by fresh culinary herbs.
Herbs are so much easier to photograph ;-)

and some herbs from the garden...

 peppermint, I love the tea!



and this is so aromatic as well :-)

Come on and join us at

Have a good start in the new week...


5 Kommentare:

  1. Habe gerade an dich gedacht, weil ich ein Osterei von Lindt unter meinen Süssigkeiten gefunden habe und es war Marc de Champagne! Allerdings in weisser Schokolade. Sehr lecker!
    Schöne Fotos von Kräutern! Ich liebe frische Kräuter - vor allem Rosmarin! Aber was meinst du mit "model of aromatic rings"?

  2. Such lovely photos! Have a good week

  3. Wonderful. I do love rosemary and how it smells!

  4. Hi Manuela...what a beautiful basket of herbs - I wouldn't be able to decided which I loved best, they all smell so fabulous. Great photos, cheers Robyn

  5. Great photos. I love the herbs in the basket. Is one of them tarragon? What is an aromatic ring?


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