Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

Our Beautiful World "GAME"

Hi, here is a new word for the next week at "OBW" it was my turn and I chose "Game"
In the past we played a lot,  now it's significant fewer but sometimes we still like to play some games.
As we have visited our daughter some month ago we played a little bit. She and her friend teach me to play poker!
I haven't played this game before but it was fun :-))

beginner's luck...  :-))

in the last days we played several times this game, some games have funny and great illustrations...

I'm curious about your game photos!

Mandysea: teacupofscrapisms

Have a good week...

4 Kommentare:

  1. Another poker player huh? I have never played that but my son does... Fabulous photos Manuela!

  2. I learn how to play poker about 2 years ago, and now is my favorite pass time. Great fun there!

  3. what colourful fun! I'm not much of a card player, sooooooo my eyes went straight to the yummy food you have to snack on there!
    These are great fun photos!!!

  4. Love how colorful game bits & pieces are - they make great photo subjects, as you showed us here!


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