Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Our Beautiful World "GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAY"

Hello all, time for a new theme at "Our Beautiful World", "Go ahead, make my day"
a great suggestion from Robyn.
A coffee in the morning is something common but really makes my morning ;-)
and makes my day with this fantastic view! I make this shot in Italy, as we have visited my brother during his stay abroad there.
He has had a little apartment with a dream view over the "Lake Como"

There are the little things which make some days so (special) sweet, my husband bought a new edge cutter for the garden and cut a heart for me into the grass, how cute :-)

This makes also my day, at long last my parcel with new stamps arrived this week (double happy because I don't have to drive to the customs:-) yeahhh...!!!)

What makes your day?

Come and join us...

 Have a nice day!


4 Kommentare:

  1. Oh my what a terrific view!!! And how lovely that your husband cut that heart ...

  2. That view is fantastic for sure, and your DH is so sweet, happy mails are always good!

  3. Magnificent view to drink your coffee by Manuela....I'd give anything for a wonderful view of the hills, the sea or a lake. I too thought that receiving a stamp order just makes my day and what a special hubby very artistic with the grass cutter. Have a fabulous week Cheers Robyn

  4. How thoughtful and creative! and what a lovely view :)


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