Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

Our Beautiful Worlld "HEARTS"

Hello, in this week we have our last prompt in "2014"
Kirsty gave us a great word
♥  HEARTS  ♥ 

I took a look around in our home and found some hearts in my christmas decorations...
I have this ornaments with some snowball strings on a branch in our dinning room.

i love the shine...

here are some hearts in the kitchen...

these hearts at the table...

and  it's wintertime, we can use this again....

I sewed this "Love Glove" for my husband many years ago, we still wear it, when we take a walk... 

 it's fun :-))

The time before christmas is always a good time to say "Thank You" to my readers for all the visits at my blog, and all the photos which you are sharing with us at "Our Beautiful World" and also a "Thank You" to my blog friends and team colleagues.
 It's always a pleasure to see all the photos and read the story behind it!

That's for today and this year...
We are back with "Our Beautiful World" on January 04.
I wish you and your familys a wonderful christmas and a happy new year!




2 Kommentare:

  1. Oh your hearts are so pretty!! What a super glove that is too!

  2. Hi Manuela, just love the snowball strings with the lovely heart ornament and what a fabulous heart glove - what a great idea. Cheers Robyn... ps a lovely thank you comment


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